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Category: Maldura
A dhalgar historian by the name of Dalkuhm has been recording the events leading up to and surrounding the Aberrant siege of the city. He has devised a magical way of capturing an image onto canvas, and has asked for my help.
Shareable (Complete)
First I must obtain mistsacs from the multitude of fathomlurkers throughout Thalumbra.
Obtain abyssal fathomlurker mistsacs
Now that I have enough fathomlurker mistsacs I am to use the magical canvas scroll at each of the six main regions, between Maldura and Penumbra Expansion.
Render an arcane image on the top of the Wall of Outer Maldura
Render an arcane image at Stoneheart Yards
Render an arcane image at Blackanvil Bay
Render an arcane image at Ironblood Fungus Farm
Render an arcane image at Blightstone Barrens
Render an arcane image at Penumbra Expansion
I should return to Dalkuhm, the dhalgar historian, at Maldura's Mushroom Bar and Grill.
Return to Dalkuhm
At least 1 41 75
At least 15,466 XP.
Faction: +1,000 Shields of Maldura
Faction: +1,000 Citizens of Maldura
A choice of at least one of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.