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Category: Signature
The Age's End event, prophesied by the ancient Shissar Calendar, is unfolding! Jorlak, Firiona Vie, Queen Antonia, the Overlord, and myself are amongst those fated to stand together against Kerafyrm and his Awakened Legion, for the survival of all of Norrath!
**Warning** This event is intended to be completed within one play session. If you have advanced this quest and not completed it, restarting this event will reset your progress.
Jorlak, the Dracurian chronomage, provided me with a teleportation rune stone to Skyshrine Tower.
Teleport to Skyshrine Tower using the rune stone
Speak with Jorlak
There is a magical shield surrounding the Tear of Veeshan stopping Jorlak from reclaiming it. I've got an idea as to how to lower it!
Speak with the Overlord and Queen Antonia
Report back to Jorlak
Destroy the shield generating crystals in the east, north, and west pavilions!
Return to Jorlak
Lowering the magical shield that had surrounded the Tear of Veeshan certainly got Kerafyrm's attention!
Firiona Vie and Roehn Theer have arrived!
Kerafyrm has taken control of Roehn Theer!
Use Lifeguide to defeat Roehn Theer
Obtain the power of the Swords of Destiny
Defeat General Velryyn and the Awakened Legion
We still don't hold a chance against Kerafyrm without Firiona Vie, and Roehn Theer!
Firiona Vie has recovered! I must speak with her.
Speak with Roehn Theer after Firiona revives him
Roehn Theer is attacking Kerafyrm directly!
I helped to save Norrath from meeting its doom at the claws of the Awakened! But what was the fate of Kerafyrm and Roehn Theer? What will the monarchs or FIriona Vie now choose to do?
What just occurred!? I must speak with Jorlak
The Swords of Destiny deserve to be returned to Queen Antonia and the Overlord
Speak with Firiona Vie
At least 1 30
At least 21,780 XP.
All of these items:
A choice of at least one of these items:
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