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Category: World Event
The Treespirit Elder has asked me to assist with the pollution problem seeping in from the lands above.
Scales with Level
Pollution that seeps into the protected grotto from the lands above is aggregating in the lower pools and can be found in the water below.
I will clean up the pollution. (in Enchanted Dryad Grotto)
The water sprites in the lower levels can help cleanse the tainted treespirits.
I should gather cleansing water from the water sprites (in Enchanted Dryad Grotto)
The cleansing water should help cleanse the taint from the affected treespirits.
Cleanse the tainted treespirits. (in Enchanted Dryad Grotto)
I should let the elder know the job is done.
Return to the Treespirit Elder. (in Enchanted Dryad Grotto)
At least 4,400 XP.
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Treespirit Elder