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Category: Tradeskill (Tradeskill)
Cordelia thanked me for my work for the Far Seas Trading Company, and requested that I travel to West Fort Irontoe where her colleague, Bartleby Blatherback, is in need of some assistance.
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Cordelia's colleague, Bartleby, is currently working in West Fort Irontoe, which is in the northern section of Butcherblock to the west of Kaladim. The horse Cordelia provided me should help me get there, as long as I keep my eyes open and avoid trouble.
I should speak to Bartleby in West Fort Irontoe.
Bartleby is concerned by the number of old weapons that lie abandoned or lost outside West Fort Irontoe. Not only could the weapons be repaired or melted down for ore and profit, but he is also worried that enemies of the fort might be able to use them.
I should collect the abandoned weapons from around West Fort Irontoe.
Bartleby is stationed in West Fort Irontoe, which lies in the Butcherblock Mountains to the west of Kaladim.
I must return these old weapons to Bartleby.
Between 7 and 1 09
At least 1,750 XP.
Faction: +2,500 The Irontoe Brigade
Faction: +500 Far Seas Supply Division
A choice of at least one of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.
Quest Giver
  • Cordelia Galeston in Butcherblock Mountains