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Category: Tenebrous Tangle
Hatchling Inspector Kalz Spikewing on the Vicious Breeding Grounds has been having several of his drake eggs go missing each night. He believes the culprits are the savage wyrms in the area having a midnight snack. Kalz Spikewing has asked me to bash a few of the wyrm's heads to make sure this never happens again.
Shareable (Complete)
I should bash some of the savage wyrm heads in. The wyrms have been sneaking into the drake hatchling camp at night and cracking open and eating the contents of the eggs.
I need to bash some savage wyrm heads in for eating the drake eggs. (in Tenebrous Tangle)
I should return to the Hatchling Inspector and inform him that the savage wyrms have been dealt with.
I should return to the Hatchling Inspector, Kalz Spikewing, and inform him that I have dealt with the savage wyrms. (in Tenebrous Tangle)
Between 9 50 24 and 6 36 90
At least 1,304 XP.
A choice of at least one of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.
Quest Giver
  • Kalz Spikewing in Tenebrous Tangle