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How to become a EQ2U Scholar (Patreon)
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Doomsayer Adarius' visions were unable to help me gain an audience with Luclin, despite being the most senior member of the Convocation of Cataclysm Sages. He told me she has been silent for a long time. But his visions had helped reveal that, years ago, an invasion force from the Planes of Sun and War took the Nexus. They had brought the Dresolik, a celestial object capable of unimaginable destruction, with them. It triggered The Shattering! Considering chronomancy returned the moon to its current shape, was it also reformed? I might have to come back to that thought later, but right now I must focus on making contact with Luclin. The Duality is relying on me!
In order to access the Aurelian Coast I must first travel through the city of Sanctus Seru.
Zone to Sanctus Seru
Doomsayer Adarius has suggested I visit the Recuso tradesfolk in the city of Sanctus Seru.
Find the Recuso tradesfolk in the city of Sanctus Seru (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Speak with Olfud Gearsnoogle
Olfud Gearsnoogle, one of the Recuso tradesfolk, has asked me to gather honeycomb from around the city of Sanctus Seru to help replace their lost stock.
Gather Seru honeycombs from hives on the trees in the city of Sanctus Seru (in Sanctus Seru [City])
I should return to Olfud Gearsnoogle, the Recuso tradesman I met within the Sanctus Seru Fabrication Hall.
Return to Olfud Gearsnoogle in the Fabrication Hall
Olfud told me the attack upon the Fabrication Hall had been carried out by galorians, and that one of their own is still missing, an eccentric dwarf by the name of Hulda Flintbraid.
Search Fabrication Hall for clues of the missing Recuso tradeskiller, Hulda Flintbraid
I should search Quadrus Explorus to Vicus Canticus for the missing Recuso tradeskiller (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Defeat the ensorcelled twilight oak (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Hulda Flintbraid must be hiding somewhere in the western section of Quadrus Explorus.
Search for Hulda Flintbraid (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Speak with Hulda Flintbraid (in Sanctus Seru [City])
There's definitely more going on than meets the eye, in Sanctus Seru! Hulda witnessed Luminaries and Sanctus Seru warriors attacking her fellow tradesfolk, not galorians.
Investigate the Luminaries within the city of Sanctus Seru (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Obtain Dawnshroud adamantite for Lamplighter Adrun (in Sanctus Seru [City])
Return to Lamplighter Adrun (in Sanctus Seru [City])
I need to return to Hulda Flintbraid, the Recuso tradeswoman, hiding in the western section of Quadrus Explorus of Sanctus Seru.
Return to Hulda Flintbraid (in Sanctus Seru [City])
At least 2 52 59 84
At least 284,438,618 XP.
All of these items:
A choice of at least one of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.