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Category: City Tradeskill Tasks (Tradeskill)
Pirates made off with the cargo from one of our ships. Insurance paid for the losses but the order still needs to be filled.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to pick up my assigned task from a work order clipboard or desk.
I need to find a work order clipboard or desk and pick up my assigned order.
I need to complete the work order with all items of the highest quality.
I need to create Daro's Sorrowful Dirge (Journeyman)
I need to create Singing Shot II (Journeyman)
I need to create Devious Blade (Journeyman)
I need to create Arctic Blast II (Journeyman)
I need to create Stunning Blow (Journeyman)
I need to create Improvised Weapon (Journeyman)
I need to create Rejuvenating Celebration (Journeyman)
I need to create Arrow Rip (Journeyman)
I need to create Double Blast II (Journeyman)
I need to create Jael's Dreadful Deprivation II (Journeyman)
I need to create Deadly Shot III (Journeyman)
I need to create Searing Shot III (Journeyman)
I should turn my completed order in to the foreman.
I need to turn the completed order in to the Work Order Foreman.
At least 12
At least 4,000 XP.
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Guild Hall Tradeskill Writ Agent in SOE HQ
  • Master Tradeskill Writ Giver in Haven