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Category: City Tasks
Lieutenant D'Raka would appreciate my assistance in gathering some items from the Sinking Sands before Qeynosian agents can get to them. She'll have to pass on word of my ability to her superiors if I'm successful.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to look for information and items for the Buccaneers before the Qeynosians get to them.
I need to find a number of Anaz'Mal relics scattered in the sands of the northern Tear of Anuk. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to hunt down the Sandscrawler thieves and search them for goblin scratchings that will indicate their plans. (in The Sinking Sands)
The Alliance would like to study some of the skulls from the Sul'Dal infiltrators, I'll need to make sure I get those skulls first. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to gather some of the decaying cobra fangs. The Qeynosians are no doubt looking to gather the poisons for their own foul use. (in The Sinking Sands)
I've gathered all the items, and now need to return with them to Lieutenant D'Raka.
I need to return the items I found to Lieutenant D'Raka. (in The City of Freeport)
At least 360 XP.
Faction: +500 The Seafury Buccaneers
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Lieutenant D'Raka
  • Lieutenant D'Raka