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Category: World Event
Mayor Mendeputt, the brownie leader in Lessser Faydark, wishes to give a nice set of obsidian blades to a certain someone, as a token of his affection. He sent one of his brownie citizens, Trelawny, into Butcherblock Mountains to acquire the obsidian needed, but she has found the task to be a bit to big for her!
Scales with Level
I must hunt the animated obsidian in Butcherblock Mountains to acquire arcane obsidian shards.
Kill animated obsidian (in Butcherblock Mountains)
Now that I have acquired the arcane obsidian shards for Trelawny. I should return to her, near the entrance to Lesser faydark, in Butcherblock Mountains.
Return to Trelawny (in Butcherblock Mountains)
At least 13,200 XP.
All of these items:
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