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Category: Fens of Nathsar
Merchant Paxi would like me to gather some superior shaggy fur from the brutes who guard the crystals south and east of town. She hopes that with this final show of superior goods, she will secure the patronage of the people of Riliss.
Shareable (Complete)
Merchant Paxi would like me to kill crystal whisperers and tenders and take their shaggy fur.
I need to kill the crystal whisperers and tenders and take their shaggy fur. I should take only the superior skins.
I need to return the fur to Merchant Paxi in Riliss.
I need to speak with Merchant Paxi in Riliss.
Between 16 78 54 and 18 11 23
At least 3,744 XP.
Faction: +5,000 Riliss
All of these items:
A choice of at least one of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Merchant Paxi in Fens of Nathsar