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Category: City Tasks
It seems that our city spies have uncovered a plot between a small religious group and the Sabertooth Clan to assassinate someone high within our city. From what I have been told, these religious zealots have summoned fierce avatars and shackled them to the will of a gnoll high shaman, hidden deep in Antonica within the Shattered Vale. It has been decreed by the city to assemble a dozen of our guilds fiercest in its defense, should we choose to take up this task.
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Scales with Level
We need to locate and defeat High Shaman Vascha. (in Shattered Vale)
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos: Capitol District
  • City Registrar Glamis
  • Royal Accountant Fowler
  • City Registrar Glamis