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Category: World Event (Tradeskill)
Odeyana, the leader of the pixie growthtenders, has asked me to brew a batch of revitalizing fay blossom tea. She believes that the soothing drink will help to lift the spirits of her overworked fellow pixies.
Scales with Level
I need to gather the ingredients necessary to brew the Revitalizing Pixie Tea.
Gather fay blossoms within the grotto
Collect honey from hives
I must use the pixie kettle, within the Enchanted Fay Grotto, to mix up the tea.
Brew the Revitalizing Pixie Tea
I should give the tea to Odeyana.
Give the drink to Odeyana
At least 1,687 XP.
All of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.
Quest Giver
  • Odeyana