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Category: Access Quests
The Caretaker requested that I bring items to the Citadel to add to their "Real" collections. I am curious to meet the Djinn Master and if this is the way to be given the opportunity, I'm willing to take it.
Shareable (Complete)
In order to meet the Djinn Master, I need to procure some exhibits for the Caretaker.
Obtain the pillow of a corrupt merchant.
Obtain the meditation mat of a devout monk.
Obtain the egg of an unhatched phoenix.
Obtain an ancient chalice from Akhet Aken.
I should bring these items to the Caretaker in the Shimmering Citadel.
The Caretaker asked me to retrieve some stolen djinn vessels in Maj'Dul.
The first djinn vessel is in the Vizier's Tower.
The second djinn vessel is somewhere else in the Vizier's Tower.
I must confront the Caretaker.
The Caretaker has been less than honest with me.
I must defeat the Caretaker!
Quest Giver
  • The Caretaker in Shimmering Citadel