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Category: Miscellaneous
Rangers patrolling the hills of Antonica have found a powerful gnoll summoning avatars to send against the virtuous. This high shaman and her acolytes are conducting their twisted rituals from a hidden grove within the Shattered Vale. The Queen sends her regards and has asked that you and those of you in your guild take up arms to defend this great and free city. Find and remove this menace by any means available to you and go with the blessings of all Qeynosians. Royal Accountant Fowler has implored my guild to assemble a dozen of its bravest in the defense of Qeynos. I should speak with Royal Accountant Fowler when I am ready to make the trip to complete this writ for the city.
Scales with Level
We need to locate and stop the High Shaman, Vascha. (in Shattered Vale)
All of these items:
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