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Category: Jarsath Wastes
Medicus, a scorpikis shaman for the Skleross clan, has been attempting to find a relic from their Iksarian past in hopes of preventing an all out war with the Durus clan. The time ravaged tome that I recovered from the Drachnid cave may be that exact relic! It is illegible, but Shaman Medicus believes that he can reverse the damage with a spell.
Shareable (Complete)
Shaman Medicus knows a spell that should reverse the damage, but he does not have the necessary spell components.
I need to hunt ashfire drakes for their augury horns.
I am to hunt magmatic destroyers for their cooled komatiite.
I am to harvest pyroclastic pollen from magma blooms.
Shaman Medicus is determined to reverse the damaged tome with the reagents I collected.
I should return to Shaman Medicus in the Ragefire's Talon section of the Skyfire Mountains, right away.
At least 1 05
At least 4,740 XP.
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Shaman Medicus in Jarsath Wastes