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Category: Access Quests
Part of the Shimmering Citadel serves as a museum for the Djinn Master. Kedar the Curator asked me to return an item he borrowed to the Scriptorium, which I gather is somewhere in the Shimmering Citadel.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to take some things to the Scriptorium for Kedar.
Speak with Amro the assistant in the Shimmering Citadel's Scriptorium.
I need to obtain these objects for Amro:
The Cage of Ur'the Lairn
The Orb of Kai'ell Vaili
The Elixir of Jehr Gh'ez
I'll need to deliver these items to Amro.
Take these items to Amro the Assistant in the Shimmering Citadel's Scriptorium.
Take Amro's list to Kedar the Curator.
Return to Amro the Assistant in the Scriptorium.
Quest Giver
  • Kedar the Curator in Shimmering Citadel