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Category: Eidolon Jungle
A treant named Clubroot has requested my aid in freeing his brethren from the corruption of the Harrowing Horde. He has provided me with one of his very own limbs, which possesses the power to control a soullight. Or so he says. By weakening the corrupted treants to the brink of death and then setting the soullight upon them, I should be able to force the corruption out of them.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to find an uncorrupted soullight and direct it to follow me, using the branch given to me by Clubroot.
Use Clubroot's branch on an uncorrupted soullight
With a soullight following me, I can now use Clubroot's branch to direct them to sing to corrupted treants. I may need to attack the treants as well, to snap them out of their nightmares.
Cure corrupted treants with a soullight in tow
I should return to Clubroot and see if he needs further help.
Return to Clubroot
At least 1 25
At least 7,650 XP.
A choice of at least one of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Clubroot in The Eidolon Jungle