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Category: Mission: Weekly (Tradeskill)
While most are crafting and marketing popular Vetrovian designs, Igore wants the darker side of things represented as well.
I must gather items for Igore's task.
Gather Wooden Scrap
Gather Animated Roots
Gather Sturdy Spiderweb
Gather Twisted Bits of Metal
Gather Shredded Bits of Werewolf Fur
Gather Dirt-Encrusted Stones
Gather Desiccated Bones
Gather Ectoplasmic Goo
Gather Cocooned Critters
I must craft the requested items.
Craft a Werewolf Mask
Craft a Potion of Creepy Critter Attraction
Craft an Ornamental Sarcophagus
At least 9 30 45 97
At least 101,814,624 XP.
All of these items:
A choice of at least one of these items:
Quest Rewards above are only the guaranteed XP, faction, and coin rewarded for this quest. Status points and rewards limited by class, race, alignment, etc. are unavailable.