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Queen Alwenielle's memories were restored along with her true form. She explained to me how she and her fellow glaufaye are ancient guardians of invaluable knowledge, after suffering a significant attack she locked it away within a gem and broke the gem into three shards. The Grand Artificer held one of the Chaos Rebirth Stone shards within his Exceptional Screwdriver. Now we know that the Aberrant siege was a diversion, while the Primordial Malice infiltrated the city in search of the gem shards!
Queen Cristanos will have my head if I do not inform her of this news as soon as possible! Her projection awaits me near the tinkered portal-gate in Thalumbra.
Speak with Queen Cristanos
I must go after the Grand Artificer's stolen Exceptional Screwdriver. It must have been taken back to Kralet Penumbra!
Regain the Grand Artificer's Exceptional Screwdriver
I must return to Queen Alwenielle, in Maldura, now that I have regained the Exceptional Screwdriver.
Approach Queen Alwenielle within the Unveiled Palace
Defeat the Primordial Malice and Tserrina!
I must speak with Queen Alwenielle, within Maldura's Unveiled Palace, now that she has been saved from the invading Primordial Malice.
Speak with Queen Alwenielle
Hopefully, Queen Cristanos will not slay the messenger when I inform her that Lanys T’Vyl has two Chaos Stone shards now.
Speak with Queen Cristanos' projection, near the tinkered portal-gate within Thalumbra
At least 1 35
At least 154,666 XP.
Faction: +1,000 Shields of Maldura
Faction: +1,000 Citizens of Maldura
Faction: +1,000 Zou'Lidelas
A choice of at least one of these items:
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