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Category: Eidolon Jungle
Baelon. He is the one I seek. Appointed as the Avatar of Fear by the "false" Cazic, destroying him will sap this Cazic of his power as well as return the lizardmen to their prior state of disorganization. This final blow will stop Fear from permanently claiming the Eidolon Jungle, and perhaps all of Ethernere.
Shareable (Complete)
To reach Baelon I must enter the Throne of Fear and defeat his most zealous followers. I can find the entrance to this sanctum just beyond the Fear Portal in Eidolon Jungle.
Defeat Bonecaller Pharinich
Defeat the Planar Manifestation
Defeat the Enraged Imp
Defeat the Thoughtbleeder
Baelon himself must now die, if the lizardmen are to be stopped. His death will also disrupt Cazic's power and prevent him from pulling more of the Plane of Fear into Ethernere.
Slay Baelon and take the source of his power
Now that Baelon is dead, I should return to Gulthga.
Speak to Gulthga
At least 1 25
At least 8,221 XP.
A choice of at least one of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Gulthga in The Eidolon Jungle