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I am still working on Quests, AAs/Prestige, and more.  Thank you those who have donated.   You help keep EQ2U free and up-to-date.

Items in this collection:
Acrylia Caverns Shard
Akevha Ruins Shard
Dawnshroud Peaks Shard
Echo Caverns Shard
Fungus Grove Shard
Grimling Forest Shard
Hollowshade Moor Shard
Katta Castellum Shard
Maiden's Eye Shard
Marus Seru Shard
Sanctus Seru Shard
Mons Letalis Shard
Shadow Haven Shard
Shar Val Shard
Tenebrous Mountains Shard
The Grey Shard
Twlight Sea Shard
Umbral Plains Shard