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Reign of Shadows Updates: Factions, Collections, Recipes, Achievements, AA/Prestige, Item Examine Window (2 columns now!), Vah Shir player race, and bug fixes!!
Items in this collection:
Spongy Stem
Tiny Scabbard
Greenish Flesh
Large Insect Wing
Compound Eye
Contained Water Dropplet
Shadowed Tendril
Fungus Covered Scale
Brown Hair Tuft
Thick Black Toe Nail
Yellowed Talon
Sickled Claw
Greyish Furry Ear
Insignia Dagger
Black Chitin Horn
Rotted Flesh
Black Rotted Fang
Hairy Brown Leg
Sacred Essence
Reddish Smelly Goo
Brass Insignia Buckle
Scarlet Knobbed Flesh
Solidified Shadow
Wind-Worn Bones
Collection Rewards
All of these items: