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EQ2 Characters should now be updating again. I am continuing to look into what is required to update EQ2U for the Chaos Descending expansion. Thanks to those who have donated to support our site!!!

To Do: Achievements, Guild Achievements, Collections, Collection Item Linkbacks, Lore & Legend, Factions, Recipes, Ascension to 20, Celestial Spell Level, more Ancient tier spells, Update Spell Icons, Quests, AA/Prestige Spell Data, Spell Data
Items in this collection:
Askr's Wine Chalice
Black Aviak Feather
Chimes of the Four Winds
Belt of Crystallized Rain
Original Torden Designs
Apothecary's Instruments
Bracer of Rotting Bile
Wounded Flesh
Blepharismic Strain
Primal Plague Remnants
Sentinel Sequence
Chromium Balance Wheel
Clockwork Essential Oils
Junker's Treasures
Broken Belt Clip
Dark Efreeti Sigil
Flame Tyrant's Pendants
Flaming Phoenix Feather
Gauntlets of the Burning Prince
Scalding Glyph
Collection Rewards
All of these items:
A choice of at least one of these items: