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Reign of Shadows Updates: Factions, Collections, Recipes, Achievements, AA/Prestige, Item Examine Window (2 columns now!), Vah Shir player race, and bug fixes!!
Collection: War of the Grimlings  
Items in this collection:
Crux of Cullin
Crux of Darznel
Crux of Felles
Crux of Gelg
Crux of Grughat
Crux of Harsbren
Crux of Kavgis
Crux of Khati Sha
Crux of Korin
Crux of Necin
Crux of Niverin
Crux of Soul Echo
Crux of Staginar
Crux of Tregli
Crux of Ukigit
Crux of Warblood Sindrig
Zones which reportedly drop items in this collection:
Collection Rewards
All of these items: