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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Klak'Anon.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Klak'Anon which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Blackbolt the Steel Cutter
Bloodscrew the Surgeon
Clockwork Administrator Shadowbolt
Clockwork Taskmaster Geartooth
Direbolt the Zoologist
Dreadscrew the Scrapper
Factory Overseer Klankbolt
Ground Spawn
Heavymetal Guardian Bruticus
Master Magus Thornbolt
Medical Assistant Boltok
The Klak'Anon Warhulk
The Mechnomancer
Waterwork Operator Malscrew
Waterwork Supervisor Grimbolt
Wreckrock the Awakened Havoc
a captured specimen
a clockwork assembler
a clockwork engineer
a clockwork heavy toiler
a clockwork lab technician
a clockwork machinist
a clockwork maintenance drone
a clockwork mechanic
a clockwork medic
a clockwork metalsmith
a clockwork observer
a clockwork ore smasher
a clockwork proletarian
a clockwork repairer
a clockwork service drone
a clockwork shredder
a clockwork zookeeper
a disturbed granitoid trampler
a frenzied granitoid trampler
a glitched clockwork spider
a heavy metal decimator
a klakdroid aqua sentinel
a klakdroid enforcer
a klakdroid gate watcher
a klakdroid sentinel
a klakdroid tunnel guard
a klakdroid waterwork sentinel
a klakdrone ward
a klakdrone watcher
a klakdyne eliminator DCCC
a klakdyne eliminator M
a klakdyne gearguard
a malfunctioning Bibliotecha 1000
a mechnamagica assault drone
a mechnamagica battle drone
a mechnamagica battler
a mechnamagica hunter-seeker
a primeval clockwork cleaner
a primeval clockwork duster
a primeval clockwork laborer
a primeval clockwork miner
a primeval clockwork tunneler
a scrapmetal salvager
an activated clockwork worker
an activated klakdroid
an activated klakdyne
an impaired clockwork gnome

This page uses player-submitted Loot data from the Dragon’s Armory "Armory Tracker" ACT Plugin developed by Dedith.   
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