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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Nektropos Castle.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Nektropos Castle which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Archfiend Ivariai
Archfiend Izzoroth
Crysta Everling
Crysta's handmaiden
Deirdre Everling
Elise Everling
Elise's Handmaiden
Ground Spawn
Guard Captain Ga'vin
Inquisitor of Ulkorruuk
Inquisitor of Ullkorruuk
Jenni Everling
Jenni's handmaiden
Jenni's Teacher
Maltus Everling
Marionette of Nyth
Melanie Everling
Ollix Everling
Sheila Everling
Sheila's Handmaiden
Spectral Chef
Spectral Dark Lord
Swine Lord
The Juggernaught
Tinmizer's Ominous contraption
a bile soaked rat
a book fiend
a codex fiend
a crour scavenger
a crumb hunter
a dark patron
a deathwatch beetle
a decaying corpse
a deranged adventurer
a discombobulated gore
a doll of Nyth
a fermented elixir
a house everling jester
a lesser mimic
a lexicon fiend
a Librarian
a lost traveler
a mimic
a necropolis scavenger
a patchwork captain
a patchwork fleshripper
a patchwork handler
a Patchwork laborer
a patchwork magus
a Patchwork soldier
a patchwork soldier
a personal attendant
a priestess of Ullkorruuk
a prisoner
a ravenous undead dreadguard
a shadow of Crysta
a shadow of Deirdre
a shadow of Lord Everling
a shadow of Melanie
a shadow of Sheila
a swine
a swine fiend
a Thexian diplomat
a Thexian guard
a Thexian jailer
a Thexian landlord
a tome fiend
an apprentice chef
an attendant of Everling
an eidolon watchdog
an Everling caretaker
an Everling manservant
an Everling sentinel
an Everling stable boy
an obsidian gargoyle
bookminion illusionist
static shock

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