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EQ2U Tradeskill Report
Character Tradeskill ReportJanuary 18, 2020, 3:10 pm UTC
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Name: Server:
Name Guild TS Class Lvl A Gathering Obsession Ship wrecked (Raffik) Halas Timeline Craftsman Service Butcher block Timeline Steamfont Timeline Lavastorm (Sootfoot) Fallen Dynasty (Mara) The Shadow Odyssey Rise of Kunark (Sokokar) Rise of Kunark Timeline Proof of the Pudding Sentinel's Fate Timeline Destiny of Velious Timeline Coldain Prayer Shawl Drunder Timeline (DoV) Withered Lands (Skyshrine) Scars of the Awakened Hand of the Maker Tears of Veeshan Timeline Altar of Malice Timeline Terrors of Thalumbra Prelude Terrors of Thalumbra Kunark Ascending Planes of Prophecy Chaos Descending Special Mounts Class-Limited Progress
ReziIronwood CompanyWoodworker10311 / 1111 / 110 / 93 / 52 / 80 / 98 / 82 / 28 / 160 / 56 / 64 / 444 / 4432 / 549 / 98 / 86 / 617 / 1714 / 147 / 723 / 230 / 118 / 210 / 450 / 50 / 240 / 100 / ?233 / 382Details

Tradeskill Report allows you to see the progress of your characters on EQ2's main tradeskill quest lines. The "Add Character" feature is handy for adding multiple characters to your report. You may use the Tabs to hide/show certain quests to make the report fit better on your screen. Some notes:
  • A few tradeskill classes have class-restricted tradeskill quests. To avoid confusion, we don't count this column towards the total.
  • Carpenters are able to complete a collection quest in Mara, however we're not able to track collections at this time.
  • The New Halas questline has both good and evil versions of every quest.