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Pig Poker
Gains experience as Planar Essences are imbued into the item. Each Planar Level increases the base Ability Modifier, Potency, and Primary Attributes by 5%.
+2,256 Primary Attributes  +3,504 Stamina  
+41,198 Power  +91,578 Health  
57.2% Crit Bonus
213.8% DPS
718.8% Crit Chance
1246.8% Potency
180% Resolve
118.2% Reuse Speed
+57 Overcap Crit Bonus
+11,778 Ability Mod
Great Spear

Two-Handed Piercing

1410 - 2,114
(587.33 Rating)

6.0 seconds


Berserker, Defiler, Guardian, Mystic, Paladin, Shadowknight
Noxious Rending
When Equipped:
  On any combat or spell hit this spell may cast Noxious Rending on target of attack. Lasts for 8.0 seconds. Triggers about 3.0 times per minute.
  Increases noxious damage done to target by 3.7%
  Inflicts 1669 disease damage on target encounter instantly and every second
  Inflicts an additional 46 disease damage on target encounter every tick
  Cannot be modified except by direct means
Adornment Slots:
White, Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue, Cyan
Game Link:
Crowdsourced Loot Data:
This item is a known drop from the following NPCs:
Boarkeeper MallegFabled Runnyeye: The Gathering [Heroic]
Discovery Dates for this Item
SiousSkyfireMar 16, 2019 @ 5:24:58 pm
UnknownMaj'DulMar 16, 2019 @ 5:32:22 pm
UnknownThurgadinMar 16, 2019 @ 5:55:32 pm
HondoHalls of FateMar 16, 2019 @ 6:03:40 pm
SarekaAntonia BayleMar 16, 2019 @ 6:36:42 pm
BerkoutIsle of RefugeMar 17, 2019 @ 3:43:46 am