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Shadowbolt Wand of Rage
Gains experience as Planar Essences are imbued into the item. Each Planar Level increases the base Ability Modifier, Potency, and Primary Attributes by 5%.
1,424 Primary Attributes
1,985 Stamina
47,841 Power
91,628 Health
20.9 AE Auto
424.6 Crit Chance
2100.2 Potency
180 Resolve
140.9 Haste
102 Overcap Crit Bonus
9,552 Ability Mod
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)


1915 - 2,872
(598.4 Rating)

8.0 seconds

0 - 35 meters


All Mages, All Priests
When Equipped:
  On a hostile ability cast this spell has a 15% chance to cast Equalize on target of spell. Lasts for 8.0 seconds. This effect normalizes based off of a three second triggering event.
  Inflicts 9,761 divine damage on target.
  Decreases Combat Mitigation of target by 294.8.
  Cannot be modified except by direct means
  This effect can only trigger once every 10.0 - 15.0 seconds.
Adornment Slots:
White, Red, Blue, Cyan
Game Link:
Discovery Dates for this Item
BiomortisMaj'DulJan 29, 2020 @ 2:57:33 am
CatinThurgadinFeb 3, 2020 @ 11:03:46 pm
AmberlinAntonia BayleFeb 5, 2020 @ 4:05:48 am
BlastemtooHalls of FateFeb 27, 2020 @ 2:47:20 am
BadhealsIsle of RefugeFeb 27, 2020 @ 3:11:51 am
TemaSkyfireFeb 28, 2020 @ 3:33:11 am
SilverquillRivervaleJun 20, 2020 @ 3:51:14 am