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Expert's Orb of Overloaded Power
+573 Primary Attributes  +1,032 Stamina  
+6,300 Power  +15,750 Health  
50.4% Crit Bonus
15% Resolve
12.9% Casting Speed
66.9% Crit Chance
1284.8% Potency
12.4% Flurry
46.3% Haste


Fates Entwined
Applies Fates Entwined when Activated. Lasts for 10.0 seconds.
  Applies Fates Entwined. Lasts for 20.0 seconds.
  Increases all damage done to caster by 20%
  Cannot be modified except by direct means
  Increases all damage done to target by 3.8%
  Increases Threat to target by 1,044,840 instantly and every 2 seconds thereafter
  Cannot be modified except by direct means
  The casting time of Fates Entwined is 4.0 seconds and the reuse time of the spell is 10 minutes
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This item is a known drop from the following NPCs:
The Mist ReaverLost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Expert Event]
Discovery Dates for this Item
NursyaMaj'DulMar 8, 2017 @ 10:49:51 pm
VisesangerThurgadinMar 10, 2017 @ 8:36:58 pm
SylowHalls of FateMar 11, 2017 @ 11:33:55 pm
SkunklordAntonia BayleMar 12, 2017 @ 1:44:56 am
AbsiurisIsle of RefugeMar 25, 2017 @ 5:55:57 am
SixxSkyfireApr 12, 2017 @ 12:09:54 am
AzaylaDrunderJun 20, 2017 @ 1:15:51 am