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Deep Fungus Fiend
Yet another beastie in the menagerie that's best suited to the dark fissures and fractures of Luclin. Lest its name leads you to assume it hunts fungus, allow me to point to its plethora of spikes, boney protrusions, and teeth. They are not for defense or for attracting a mate. This beast is a voracious omnivore!
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Until Cancelled

Summon Familiar: Deep Fungus Fiend
Applies Summon Familiar: Deep Fungus Fiend when Activated.
  Increases All Attributes of caster by 24.5%.
  Increases Potency of caster by 35,049.1.
  Increases Crit Bonus Overcap of caster by 15,058.9.
  Summons a pet Deep Fungus Fiend
  When damaged with a melee weapon this spell has a 11% chance to cast Emerald Dragonskin on target's attacker.
  Inflicts 1,070 - 1,783 slashing damage on targets in Area of Effect.
  Cannot be modified except by direct means
  This effect can only trigger once every 4.0 - 6.0 seconds.
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Discovery Dates for this Item
AumareiMaj'DulJun 13, 2023 @ 4:51:55 pm
BonnaThurgadinJun 13, 2023 @ 5:39:43 pm
CerulenaHalls of FateJun 13, 2023 @ 5:40:50 pm
SolangeSkyfireJun 13, 2023 @ 5:48:32 pm
EfimustAntonia BayleJun 13, 2023 @ 5:52:34 pm
KasaTestJun 14, 2023 @ 7:39:28 am
JonesIsle of RefugeJun 23, 2023 @ 5:03:59 pm
SkeeterKael DrakkelJul 2, 2023 @ 7:03:53 am