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This loot viewer has undergone a major rewrite, adding new filters and making the filter behavior more obvious. I appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions on how to improve this page, either through the Contact form, or in our Discord chat.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Savage Weald: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge] which drop Legendary+ items (excl. spells) of at least Level 121 usable by all adventure classes.

Chieftain Yagnag
Corpsecrone Urgta
Fazplaka Akka
Halgar the Horrible
Herbwitch Eepkie
Mejana Kovari
Patroller Goonpa
The Grimling Zero

This page uses player-submitted Loot data from the Dragon’s Armory "Armory Tracker" ACT Plugin developed by Dedith.   
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