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1 Unskilled
Tradeskill Report Details
This is a checklist of Ainmhi's progress on the main Tradeskill quest lines in EverQuest II.

    A Gathering Obsession

    Ship wrecked (Raffik)

    Halas Timeline

    Craftsman Service

    Butcher block Timeline

    Steamfont Timeline

    Lavastorm (Sootfoot)

    Fallen Dynasty (Mara)

    The Shadow Odyssey

    Rise of Kunark (Sokokar)

    Rise of Kunark Timeline

    Proof of the Pudding

    Sentinel's Fate Timeline

    Destiny of Velious Timeline

    Coldain Prayer Shawl

    Drunder Timeline (DoV)

    Withered Lands (Skyshrine)

    Scars of the Awakened

    Hand of the Maker

    Tears of Veeshan Timeline

    Altar of Malice Timeline

    Terrors of Thalumbra Prelude

    • Sundered Ground, an Investigation for the Order of Arcane - EQ2U - ZAM - Wikia
    • Sundered Ground, an Investigation for The Spurned - EQ2U - ZAM - Wikia

    Terrors of Thalumbra

    Special Mounts