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The Nephilim of Skyfire
Semi democratic social experiment including but not limited to bouts of mania, candy, and illicit activity
Guild XP:
18 (9 accounts)

We have a hardcore play style.

Evil Aligned

We're very funny (in our opinion)

The inmates are running the asylum

Our humor may cause physical pain
We are seeking Fighters, Priests, Scouts, Mages, Crafters of any level.
We also offer training to new players.
Probably not a good place for kids...18+ please
Cloak Game Link:
Rank Name Adventure (Level) Tradeskill (Level) Joined Status
Cashbilly Shadowknight (100) Armorer (100) 2015-12-19 20:19:04 355,144
Swigelf Beastlord (100) Carpenter (100) 2016-06-12 04:09:55 539,933
Yaron Beastlord (100) Outfitter (12) 2016-06-17 20:36:24 253,710
Ginalynn Fury (82) Sage (100) 2015-03-27 19:38:08 137,728
Tacofist Conjuror (3) Unskilled (1) 2016-06-24 00:11:39 0
  Badmotor No Data
  Blackdog No Data
  Firefight No Data
  Furymoto No Data
  Greenriver No Data
  Healdog No Data
  Killaheala No Data
  Killclown No Data
  Lifeonmars No Data
  Malculo No Data
  Nubsalot No Data
  Sadsongsz No Data
  Sunsa No Data