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Rapture of Halls of Fate
Level 95 Raiding Guild
Guild XP:
18 (9 accounts)

We have a hardcore play style.

Our humor may cause physical pain

We may use mature humor

We enjoy doing raids

We're very funny (in our opinion)
We are seeking Priests, Mages of at least level 95.
We also offer training to new players.
SUN-MON-TUE-WED, 9pm-12pm Eastern. We are always open to exceptional players who can PROVE they deserve a spot on our roster. If you are a top end player who can prove themselves and want to be the best, come and try out!
Cloak Game Link:
Rank Name Adventure (Level) Tradeskill (Level) Joined Status
Estranged Warlock (95) Scholar (11) 2010-02-05 19:58:07 617,724
Neem Guardian (90) Artisan (9) 2009-07-29 22:08:06 316,525
Ventana Shadowknight (95) Carpenter (50) 2006-05-18 02:32:35 1,589,141
Defraud Mystic (90) Woodworker (90) 2012-03-13 23:33:50 0
Drodin Ranger (95) Tailor (92) 2006-01-26 22:58:19 3,593,921
Dromio Inquisitor (92) Provisioner (22) 2008-10-14 23:51:25 203,549
Jayria Paladin (95) Woodworker (91) 2012-11-26 00:05:14 53,340
  Bbal No Data
  Byobo No Data
  Creebega No Data
  Dried No Data
  Mithy No Data
  Oatheac No Data
  Phill No Data
  Pyroppa No Data
  Ratchetzzz No Data
  Regguh No Data
  Thude No Data