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Cuffs of Fixed Attention
+32 Stamina  +35 Primary Attributes  
+1,260 Resistances  
+4 Spell Skills  
1.2% Potency
1.7% Crit Bonus

Adornment Slots:
100 Troubador
Item Discoveries
Shaylala was first to discover 1 item* on their server**.
Item Discovery Date
Cuffs of Fixed Attention2008-12-31 04:19:24 AM

*NOTE: Characters are credited for an item discovery if they were the first to discover it on their server. A world discovery (which displays a trophy) is if they were the first to discover it on ALL servers. Please view the Item Details page for any item to see historical item discovery pages for retired servers. Unfortunately we do not have item discovery data for the 2011 round of server merges (Everfrost, Permafrost, etc.).