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Category: Miscellaneous
Spies in the Thundering Steppes have been monitoring the behavior of a necromancer ordered to the Cove of Decay by the Overlord. Analysis of her actions indicates that the mage is attempting a ritual to summon and command the unnatural. The spies report that this necromancer is attempting to call the spirits of drowned sailors for a siege on the free peoples of Antonica. This vile act cannot be allowed to continue! You must gather two full parties and venture forth to the Cove of Decay. It is the will of the Queen that this act of necromancy be brought to a halt and it falls to you brave adventurer to be the long arm of the Queen in this dark time. Royal Accountant Fowler has implored my guild to assemble a dozen of its bravest in the defense of Qeynos. I should speak with Royal Accountant Fowler when I am ready to make the trip to complete this writ for the city.
Scales with Level
We need to locate the necromancer Hairaza Sollen and prevent her from continuing with her ritual. (in Cove of Decay)
All of these items:
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