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Category: World Event
Illixxol, a gazer outside Quel'ule in the Stonebrunt Highlands, had some kaborite rods stolen from him. Apparently, they were to be a gift to someone named Xktkez. He is angry and killing anyone who wanders by in search of the stolen goods.
Scales with Level
Maybe one of the Quel'ule citizens can shed some light on this mystery?
Speak with Quel'ule citizens (in Stonebrunt Highlands)
I must hunt the slobberjaw pups in Stonebrunt Highlands in search for the stolen kaborite rods.
Kill slobberjaw pups (in Stonebrunt Highlands)
Now that I have recovered the kaborite rods that were stolen, I should return toIllixxol, outside Quel'ule, in the Stonebrunt Highlands.
Return to Illixxol (in Stonebrunt Highlands)
At least 13,200 XP.
All of these items:
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