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Category: City Tasks
I've been told that seers recently observed a plot between a former ally, Prince Mianja and druidic root horrors to combine their strength in an attempt to overthrow the city. This former ally must not be allowed to form this alliance with these root horrors and so it falls to us to stop them. The wisest of our seers have determined that Piali the Profane is leading the druid order of these root horrors and must be removed as well. It has been decreed by the city to assemble a dozen of our guilds fiercest in its defense, should we choose to take up this task.
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Scales with Level
We must find the traitorous spy, Prince Mianja and bring him to justice. (in Firemyst Gully)
We need to locate the corrupted root horror, Piali the Profane. (in Firemyst Gully)
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Quest Giver
  • Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos: Capitol District
  • City Registrar Glamis
  • Royal Accountant Fowler
  • City Registrar Glamis