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Category: City Tasks
Many things that would oppose the clergy in the Dismal Rage exist in the deserts baking under Ro's hot gaze. The Dismal Rage asks that I destroy them before they can taint their teachings.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to destroy dangerous desert denizens for the Dismal Rage.
I need to find a number of Anaz Mal incense burners scattered in the sands of the northern Tear of Anuk and destroy them. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to hunt down the Anaz Mal diviners in the Sinking Sands near the northern Tear of Anuk. (in The Sinking Sands)
The Dismal Rage would like to make certain that the Rujarkian religion is not spread further, and have tasked me with destroying their spiritists in the Sinking Sands. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to destroy the Sul'Dal mystical orbs in the caves beneath the Eye of Anuk as the Dismal Rage has asked. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to return to Fethar Lothki.
I need to return to Fethar Lothki to tell him of my feats. (in The City of Freeport)
At least 360 XP.
Faction: +500 The Dismal Rage
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Fethar Lothki
  • Fethar Lothki