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Category: Miscellaneous
Word has reached the Overlord of a group called the Tunarian Alliance that is attempting to restore the ancient Druid rings found within the hidden Vale in Antonica. The Overlord is most displeased with this news and sees the restoration of these rings as a potential threat. He has heard of your exploits and is quite confident that you and your fellow guild mates are up for the task of stopping these foolish and naive followers of Qeynos. Travel there and slay everyone you find, leaving none standing! Remember, you go with the grace of the free peoples of Freeport and with the blessing of the Overlord himself! Speak with me, City Registrar Glamis when you have your twelve guild members and are ready to make the trip to complete this writ for the city.
Scales with Level
We need to turn the Ambassador of the Grove into kindling.
All of these items:
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