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Category: Vesspyr Isles
In speaking with Wuoshi, it seems that my efforts on Daarspire were merely temporary. The Horde will come again, unless we attempt a more permanent solution through the power of Growth. To that end, I need to transport Tunare water plants to the Daarspire etherflow pool. This should prevent the Horde from reestablishing their hold.
Shareable (Complete)
I need to gather the roots from the Tunare water plants in the Aeterna Gardens.
Gather roots from the Tunare water plants
With roots in tow, I need to transport and plant them in the Daarspire etherflow pool.
Transport roots to the Daarspire etherflow pool
I should return to Wuoshi, and let him know how the power of Growth affected Daarspire.
Return to Wuoshi
At least 1 30
At least 16,107 XP.
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Wuoshi in Vesspyr Isles