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Category: City Tasks
I've recently been informed that the city is in danger once more and we are being called forth to defend it. It seems that the crew of an old ship which wrecked off the coast of the Thundering Steppes many years ago is being raised from the dead by Hairaza Sollen, a mage bent on power. It's quite possible that this mage has plans to use this undead army to assault our city. I know that her dealings within the Thundering Steppes cannot be allowed to continue and we are to remove her and destroy any unkempt spirits once loyal to her. We cannot have any undead of such power wandering freely, as the chances of another necromancer coming along to tap into that power could prove ill for our city. It has been decreed by the city to assemble a dozen of our guilds fiercest in its defense, should we choose to take up this task.
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Scales with Level
We need to rid the Cove of Decay of all beings loyal to Hairaza Sollen. We'll start with Saul, a sailor driven mad from the sun and dehydration.
Find and defeat Saltwater Saul. (in Cove of Decay)
Find a way to break the ritual being performed by Hairaza Sollen.
Find a way to break Hairaza Sollen's ritual. (in Cove of Decay)
Defeat Hairaza Sollen!
Stop Hairaza Sollen! (in Cove of Decay)
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Quest Giver
  • Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos: Capitol District
  • City Registrar Glamis
  • Royal Accountant Fowler
  • City Registrar Glamis