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Category: Miscellaneous
Sources have reported that Hairaza Sollen, a prominent necromancer within the Citadel, is attempting to overthrow the Overlord. The corrupted sage is hiding in the Thundering Steppes in a region known as the Cove of Decay, performing a ritual to awaken sea spirits against the Overlord. It appears that Hairaza is drawing her power from the fallen crew of a ship wrecked there years ago. You are to remove her and destroy any unkempt spirits once loyal to her, we cannot have any undead of such power wandering freely. The chances of another necromancer coming along to tap that undead could prove ill for Freeport. It has been decreed by the Overlord to assemble a dozen of your guilds fiercest in defense of Freeport. Speak with me, City Registrar Glamis when you have your twelve guild members and are ready to make the trip to complete this writ for the city.
Scales with Level
We need to locate and stop Hairaza Sollen. (in Cove of Decay)
All of these items:
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