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Category: Miscellaneous
Seers have observed the Royal Ambassador of Qeynos plotting with druidic root horrors to raze the farms and mills that supply goods to the Citadel. The emissary and his accomplices are hidden within Antonica, along the basin of the Firemyst Gully. The wise within the Academy of Arcane Science have determined that Piali the Profane is leading the druid order of these root horrors and must be removed. We have another group taking care of the Royal Ambassador, so you need not worry about him. It has been decreed by the Overlord to assemble a dozen of your guilds fiercest in defense of Freeport. Speak with me, City Registrar Glamis when you have your twelve guild members and are ready to make the trip to complete this writ for the city.
Scales with Level
We need to locate Piali the Profane. (in Firemyst Gully)
All of these items:
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