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Category: Phantom Sea
Upon finding the impromptu Far Seas beach camp on North Dshinn mostly empty, Corrith Midner has become worried about his fellow Traders. They must have gone looking for him, as the camp doesn't show signs of an attack. He has asked me to search for them within the Allu'thoa claimed village.
Shareable (Complete)
Corrith has given me the names of four other Far Seas Traders I need to search for, while disposing of Allu'thoa along the way.
Kill Allu'thoa
Search for Lurgz and Grugz
Search for Toril Ledskipper
Search for Zaveta Stickyfingers
I should return to Corrith Midner at the impromptu Far Seas beach camp on North Dshinn.
Return to Corrith Midner
At least 1 35
At least 15,466 XP.
A choice of at least one of these items:
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