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Category: City Tasks
Captain D'Vall has tasked me with the utter destruction of all those who oppose Lucan's will in the desert lands of Ro. I must show the enemies of the militia the strength that they shall never again stand to oppose!
Shareable (Complete)
I need to destroy that which the Freeport Militia has asked of me.
I need to find and destroy a number of Rujarkian war banners in the Sinking Sands to crush their morale. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to hunt down the Sul'Dal bladefuries in the caves under the Eye of Anuk in the Sinking Sands. (in The Sinking Sands)
The Freeport Militia needs me to hunt down the Sandscrawler grunts to show them not to trifle with the might of Freeport. (in The Sinking Sands)
I need to destroy the dervish weapon racks to cut off their methods of rearmament in the Sinking Sands. (in The Sinking Sands)
I've dealt with the threats in the desert sands, and must now return to D'Vall.
I need to return to D'Vall and tell him of my success. (in The City of Freeport)
At least 360 XP.
Faction: +500 The Freeport Militia
All of these items:
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Quest Giver
  • Captain D'Vall
  • Captain D'Vall