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Ignis, Harbinger of Fire
The augury harbinger is a revered beast, rarely seen in the Plane of Magic. Legends have described them as being selected by some gods as guardians for their most sacred temples. The name, augury harbinger, is literally translated into "the being who forewarns the coming of magic". Some inhabitants believe that seeing one foretells the coming of a great hero or protector. Only a 30th and higher seasoned adventurer or tradeskiller will be able to summon this guardian beast.
Summon: Ignis, Harbinger of Fire
Until Cancelled

All Crafters
Applies Summon: Ignis, Harbinger of Fire when Activated.
  Increases caster's chance to block by 5.0%
  Increases Resolve of caster by 25.0
  Increases Crit Bonus of caster by 50.0%
  Increases Crit Chance of caster by 475.0
  Increases Potency of caster by 1,048.0%
  Increases Max Power of caster by 18,231.0
  Increases Max Health of caster by 65,190.0
  Increases Mitigation of caster vs arcane damage by 12100
  Increases Mitigation of caster vs noxious damage by 12100
  Increases Mitigation of caster vs elemental damage by 12100
  Increases Ability Modifier of caster by 63,669.0
  Your adventure level must be 100 or above to receive statistic bonuses.
  Summons a mount to ride
  Increases your ground speed by 130%
  Increases your air speed by 150%
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