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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Sundered Frontier.
Item Pattern
Tower Shield
Plate Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Forearms)
Leather Armor (Forearms)
Cloth Armor (Forearms)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Chain Armor (Forearms)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Sundered Frontier which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

A Cackling Fiend
A Crystalline Malformation
A Spark Eater
A Strong Tornado
Aathwok the Winged Vanquisher
Acklok the Crystal Duster
Gimbuk the Toxic Thrasher
Ground Spawn
Joki the Bonepile
Malefactor Reekiteeth
Philuphii the Destroyer
Pit Construct
Ritsy's Guard
The Brutish Bonemare
The Eternal Malevolence
The Spiteful Glee
The Toxic Brood Mother
The Unsavory Agglomeration
Unlinked Items
Zumok the Untamed
a boldstripe tigress
a boulder dasher
a briarroot horror
a bristlevine abhorrence
a bristlevine horror
a bush gorilla
a collection of bones
a commanding vermin
a crageye stalker
a crystalline protector
a darkpaw pouncer
a dune scrounger
a dune twister
a fallen erudite battlemage
a feathered vagabond
a feral boldstripe tiger
a feral bruiser
a fossilfang rumbler
a frenzied toxic kobold
a grimestone burrower
a grimestone devourer
a horned rampager
a lingering Paineel guard
a lingering Paineel spirit
a lingering slitherspine
a malignant seedling
a manglevine pariah
a monstrous shoot
a muddy gob
a Paineel knight guardian
a Paineel sage
a Paineel theorist
a Paineel visionary
a penned tiger
a petrified cackler
a petrified roper
a pond tetra
a primeval kobold
a reanimated Toxxulia cat
a Roekillik Courier
a Roekillik despoiler
a Roekillik enforcer
a Roekillik hoarder
a Roekillik malefactor
a Roekillik marauder
a Roekillik zealot
a root glimmer
a Rumbling Broodmother
a sand scrapper
a sand whirl
a scavenging vermin
a scrounging rat
a skeletal candelabra
a slate beetle
a small wharf rat
a snaptail devourer
a sneaky vermin
a spark of energy
a stonecold carrion
a stonegraft scoundrel
a summoned bastion
a thrashing spirit
a tiger cub
a Tox fly
a toxic crawler
a toxic goiter
a toxic kobold
a toxic leech
a toxicoid stormer
a Toxxulia guardian
a Toxxulia prowler
a Toxxulia savage
a Toxxulia winged avenger
a Toxxulia winged sentinel
a trapper of souls
a turbulent knot
a vehement whirlstorm
a vile trampler
a void-touched Kejek
a wadi scavenger
a wandering nightmare
a wandering vermin
a wayward stonevine
a young bush gorilla
an abhorring spirit
an animated ruffian
an animated tail slasher
an animated tormentor
an inimical sparklet
an Underfoot elemental
an Underfoot hardstomper
an underfoot levitatestone
an Underfoot mudslug
an uprooted abomination

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