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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Living Tombs.
Item Pattern
Plate Armor (Head)
Chain Armor (Forearms)
Chain Armor (Chest)
Cloth Armor (Head)
Leather Armor (Hands)
Plate Armor (Legs)
Leather Armor (Feet)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Living Tombs which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Ara Priestess of the Fyr'Un
Baru' Sal
Ceramicist Inkah
Flowmaster Dalu
Flowmaster Moru
Flowmaster Utat
Ground Spawn
Groundskeeper Nerus
Hakfsa Ka'lin
Jaro Baru' Bah
Kahil Baldoras
Mujad the Voyager
Phara' Tol
Phenos the Explorer
Rezo Anu' Tep
Rin Priestess of the Fyr'Un
Seral the Spice Trader
Sul Priestess of the Fyr'Un
The Embalmer
The Mental Mason
Tirik' Rah
Trade Commissioner Aman
Urzyd the Undying
Yaith Shadowhowler
a berserker of Baru' Sal
a channel assassin
a channel prowler
a channel shifter
a commerce sentinel
a court stalker
a Dervish excavator
a Dervish tomb raider
a Faro' Nuk adjutant
a Faro' Nuk conscript
a Faro' Nuk hyas
a Faro' Nuk veteran
a Fyr'Un sentry
a ghastly seedling
a market enforcer
a protector of Tirik
a residence prowler
a residence sentry
a Rin' Dal alchemist
a Rin' Dal citizen
a Rin' Dal sage
a rubble basher
a Rubble Ravager
a rubble render
a scrubbing glob
a sentinel of Anu'ish
a serpent of immortality
a sodden arenea
a statue warden
a Sul' Dal herbalist
a Sul' Dal merchant
a Sul' Dal scribe
a Sulite curate
a Sulite luna
a Sulite prelate
a Sulite tjat
a vassal of offering
an alerted Faro' Nuk
an Anaz Mal advocate
an Anaz Mal apostle
an Anaz Mal deceiver
an Anaz Mal excavator
an Anaz Mal gravehowler
an Anaz Mal impurifier
an Anaz Mal necroseer
an Anaz Mal runemage
an Anaz Mal sycophant
an Anaz Mal trueblade
an Anaz Mal vassal
an Anaz Mal veilguard
an Anaz Mal vicar
an Anuk' Sul chancellor
an Anuk' Sul decar
an Anuk' Sul delegate
an Anuk' Sul maven
an Ara' Dal herald
an Ara' Dal metallurgist
an Ara' Dal peasant
an eternal falcon
an eternal preserver
an eye of Baru' Sal
an offering retriever
an undead pilgrim
an undead shepherd
the Custodian of Cul'Ahn
the Custodian of Cul'Dan
the Custodian of Cul'Kahn
the Custodian of Cul'Osis
the Custodian of Cul'Vakh
zombie Fadid

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